Recruitment and payroll services

Staffing and recruitment services are provided to our national and international clients by managing a large number of people. We relate to thousands of qualified candidates, craftsmen, engineers and executives. The recruitment process is based on strategy as we reduce your cost and deliver a selection of candidates based on your company’s job necessities, profile and culture.

Variety of our services

We optimize your recruitment process, we support your HR management and handle your payrolling operations at a competitive cost-price calculation. Besides providing on-hire services, we retain our employees by supporting their detachment regulations, offering them support for accommodation, transportation and monitoring their performance.

Ship Building Industry
Furniture Assembly and Fabrication
Electrical Automatisation
Industrial Maintenance and Constructions

Finding skilled people is our challenge

InterJobs covers a broad range of personnel solutions for the shipyard industry. Whether you are a company looking for experienced staff or a candidate looking for a secure job abroad, we are here to help you achieve your dreams. Companies from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium established with us long-term partnership by looking for qualified manpower for the ship building industry: ship carpenters, furniture carpenters, electricians, locksmiths, welders or pipe fitters offer a high level of work.

Exceptional and engaged carpenters are producing the furniture for companies active in the ship industry field, luxury furniture or luxury interior decorations. Every company needs workforce with high skills and we gained experience in consulting each individual to assure his ability to perform the works at a high standard. Our employees are reliable due to their experience in production and assembly of furniture, attention to details, teamwork, and safety measures knowledge.

Partners from Germany, Netherlands, Romania and Poland engaged with our services to perform the works in the energetic field. For this industry we cover complete electrical and photovoltaic systems installations: electrical panels, layout cables, illumination systems, automatization and solar panels installations for industrial fields, greenhouses and construction.

Industrial works are at high value in The Netherlands. Our teams of scaffolders and insulators are working on the biggest refineries to build, maintain and assure a fluent functionality of the working site. InterJobs is recruiting industrial insulators, industrial scaffolders, mechanical locksmiths and pipe fitters to complete the works.

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